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splendor2Once again, New Acropolis Peru volunteers visited the elderly at the Splendor de los Olivos nurisng home in Lima.

On this occasion, New Acropolis donated an oxygen pump to meet any emergency that may arise, as well as medicines and other first aid items. After measuring blood pressure, the volunteers spent the rest of the morning sharing songs and dances.

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New Acropolis volunteers answer to the call of the town hall to collaborate in the clean-ups of two big parks of the city.
 A joint action with other citizens who also seek to improve the quality of life for the benefit of all, demonstrating once again the generous commitment for a common good!


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Theatrical performance at an orphanage for girls in Poros
A lesson of kindness by children!

We may think that today children want many things in order to be happy, but this is not true at all. The children in the orphanage for girls in Poros need most of all love and affection. New Acropolis volunteers of Heraklion presented a theatrical performance called A Strange World and judging by the children’s attention, they really loved it! We went to the orphanage to offer a show without wanting something in return, only the children’s joy.

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Hosted in the premises of the University of Albania, a lecture which talked about The Masculine and Feminine Personality Polarities was presented to more than 100 young people. With the use of varied easy-to-grasp, practical examples, they were encouraged to more deeply examine issues which they face in their daily lives, and broaden and enrich some of their perspectives on themselves and the world.

Following this successful collaboration with the University of Albania, New Acropolis will be present in other auditoriums to talk about cultural and philosophical topics that will open new horizons in all of us, help us know ourselves better and consequently become better citizens of the world. –

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Entrevista filosofíaNew Acropolis was invited to the television show This Morning, from the national channel TN8, to talk about the importance of philosophy as a practical guide in life. Some of the most representative questions were: What is the meaning of the word philosophy? Who is a philosopher? What topics of everyday life does philosophy address and offer practical tools?


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Conferencia_USAM-1New Acropolis El Salvador presented the lecture Use the other 90%! in the Alberto Masferrer Universityof the capital.

The event attracted a large crowd of University students!

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Help for Balkans
New Acropolis in Warsaw (Poland) organized an ad hoc collection point to collect the most useful and urgent items to help the flood victims in the Balkans and thus joined the event organized by the Embassy of Serbia in Warsaw. At the New Acropolis center were collected a lot of useful things including diapers for children and adults, underwear, children’s clothing, batteries for flashlights, things for personal hygiene like soap, toilet paper, paper towels, sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc

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