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Firma_NuevaAcrópolis_USAMWithin the framework of the commemoration of World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis El Salvador and Salvadoran University Alberto Masferrer signed an agreement with the aim of initiating a collaboration between the two institutions.

The USAM pledged to develop a scholarship program for the students who turn out to be winners in the Literary Contest that ACNA (Cultural Association New Acropolis) organizes for World Philosophy Day.

New Acropolis for its part has committed to support the University in educational programs in values and activities that emphasize the importance of volunteerism. Also included  is the teaching of techniques for stress management, and Tai Chi workshops designed for teachers, students and employees of the USAM.

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Mesa Redonda. ANNew Acropolis Granada and Universal Ethics Network, adhered to the UNESCO initiative in commemoration of World Philosophy Day, with a days-long symposium specially designed for and dedicated to youth, with the participation of specialized teachers in various philosophical currents.

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New Acropolis Goiânia offered classes from the Practical Philosophy course program in the Flamboyant Commercial Center

img_7771menorfor staff and volunteers of the Flamboyant Institute.








The Institute is an initiative of the Flamboyant Group and works with an organization of project planning and implementation of social, cultural and environmental projects in Goiânia. The course is carried out in the same format as other courses offered by New Acropolis in the city.

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Premiación 1 DIV3 DIV2 In the framework of International Volunteer Day, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru awarded nine organizations that during 2013 stood out for their commitment to the building, fostering and support of voluntary service at the national level.

The director of New Acropolis in Peru, Beatriz Diez Canseco, along with officials from the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, as well as representatives of the United Nations Development Program in this country, formed the jury of this award that has been given since 2010. In the year 2012 New Acropolis received this recognition for the impact of its volunteer work in the country.



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Activities including Poetry Contest, Demonstration of Martial Arts, Football, Volleyball, Long Jump, Swimming, Table Tennis, Chess and Marathon formed part of the 11th Edition of ‘Spring Games’, which also featured artistic presentations, soirees and nature trails, always a celebratory mood, inspired by the value of the Olympic spirit, healthy coexistence with others and with nature.

OINABN_2014-10 OINABN_2014-10 OINABN_2014-10  OINABN_2014-10 OINABN_2014-10 OINABN_2014-10

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World Philosophy Day - Νέα Ακρόπολη - Ημέρα Φιλοσοφίας“We live in a materialistic world …we may have developed awesome high tech communications that allow us to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, but, at the same time, people nowadays are very isolated and alone. Everyone may “reach” anyone through technology across the world but does not know who lives next to him. Philosophy helps us to get out of this “bubble”: Philosophy helps us find “the sky” within us … but there needs to be something in us that when we observe the sky wonders, and reflects. It is in that phase that Philosophy is born: the ability to wonder “why”. This makes us philosophers in practice: we can become slowly, little by little, more masters of ourselves.”

With these words, the vice president of I.O.N.A. (International Organization New Acropolis), professor Georgios Alvarado Planas offered food for thought and open discussion, via his presentation ‘Philosophy in Action’, at the event that was held at the bookstore IANOS in Athens, Greece. An audience of all ages attended the event that was organized by New Acropolis Greece entitled ‘Philosophy in life’ and organized in combination with UNESCO’s World Philosophy Day.         World Philosophy Day - Νέα Ακρόπολη - Ημέρα Φιλοσοφίας

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Presentation of What Is Ancient Philosophy? by Pierre Hadot published in Ukrainian for the first time by New Acropolis of UkraineOn occasion of World Philosophy Day, the Kyiv branch of New Acropolis held a presentation on ‘What Is Ancient Philosophy?’ by Pierre Hadot for the first time translated into Ukrainian. The book was presented by the translator Sergii Yosypenko, Ph.D., head of the Department of History of Philosophy, Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The book is published by New Acropolis Publishing House of Ukraine.

Presentation of What Is Ancient Philosophy? by Pierre Hadot published in Ukrainian for the first time by New Acropolis of Ukraine

La presentación estuvo a cargo del traductor Dr. Sergii Yosypenko.

Presentation of What Is Ancient Philosophy? by Pierre Hadot published in Ukrainian for the first time by New Acropolis of Ukraine

¿Qué es la Filosofía antigua? de Pierre Hadot. Publicado por primera vez en ucraniano por la editorial NA Ucrania.

According to Dr. Yosypenko, in the modern world, we got used to thinking of ancient philosophy and antiquity as something obsolete and outdated. Pierre Hadot in his book tries to change this perspective on ancient philosophy and its place in history. After all, for 2,000 years man has not changed much, and eternal values are always relevant. Also, Dr. Yosypenko pointed out that one of the main aspects of the book is philosophy as a way of life.


This year, New Acropolis Ukraine dedicated the celebration of World Philosophy Day to Ukrainian philosophy and its contribution to the world’s philosophical thought.

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