Opening of the International Symposium “Plato 2013” organized by the Hermes International Institute in Marseille, Capital of Culture 2013 (France)

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European Capital of Culture Marseille celebrated the 2400th anniversary of the foundation of Plato’s Academy in Athens.

After the commemorative ceremony in Athens on 20th November, the international symposium entitled “The Odyssey and evolution of Plato’s dialectics from Antiquity to Today” began on Friday, 29th November. It was organised by Hermes International Institute, Maison de la Philosophie Marseille, Unesco Heritage Club and HEC Alumni History & Memory Club, Paris.

30 speakers from ten different countries reflected on the legacy of Platonic philosophy, contributing to a better understanding of the relevance of Plato’s legacy in 2013.

Pierre Poulain, autor de la exposición, en la inauguración del simposio


Pierre Poulain, author of the exhibition, will be at the inauguration of the symposium.

This first session’s highlight was an exhibit on Platonic dialectics, pre-Socratic sources of Plato’s thought and several theories on the path of Neo-Platonism, evoking the great figures of Plotinus, Proclus, Dionysus the Areopagite, Nicholas of Kues…

A photographic exhibition by Pierre Poulain, philosopher and international photographer officially inaugurated this exceptional event.

The main message transmitted during this exhibition was to show that which, according to Plato, constitutes the essence of being, that necessarily manifests itself through accessible means. The complete program can be found at the following website:

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