Philosophical session entitled ‘Life with meaning’ (Yekaterinburg, Ural region, Russia)

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823j1WsF7JkThis unusual format was born out of the increasingly popular “improvised” sessions “science slams”, where young scientists gather and are given the opportunity to share the results of their research. It is not a lecture, it is something more casual. One speaker, for 10 minutes presents and exposes his point of view on the investigation topic.

New Acropolis has developed this format in the field of Philosophy. The topic was ‘Life with meaning’. What makes our life meaningful? What types of opportunities does life offer us? How to live in a meaningful way? Does life have any meaning or not?

Several young people, from different social and professional fields including design, programming, music, psychology, etc, were willing to share their thoughts. Despite the difference of interests, all agreed on the search for a meaning that is essential for their lives, and on the search for guidance and understanding of what is happening today in the world.






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