Philosophy workshop (Izhevsk, Russia)

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wvc5A08NoVMUnder the slogan “We are changing, the world is changing,” was held a seminar dedicated to World Philosophy Day. The workshop counted with several monitors in the world of communication and included several master classes.

The main idea was to share experience and knowledge with all who wished to do so, both teachers and students. New Acropolis invited several figures for the development of classes, including:  Vladislav Chumakov, director of Izhevsk Planetarium; Yevgenia Petrova, director of ECA the Green movement of Russia in Udmurtia; Natalia Belokrylova, director of HUMANE PEDAGOGICA the Teacher’s Training Center in Izhevsk; Zinnur Mustahimov, director of SHUT UP and DANCE Studio in Izhevsk; Daria Zhukova, Co-Chairman of the ARGO Association for the development of Izhevsk City; Alexey Vybornov, director of New Acropolis in Izhevsk.

In the first part of the workshop trainers shared their experience of creating and implementing projects and programmes, followed by discussions in small groups. The second part of the workshop was devoted to practical activities, and the following master-classes were conducted: 1. Methods of modern astro-navigation with demonstration of sky star maps and advanced computer technologies; 2. Introduction to the Japanese art of making original bags or gift packaging from what is available at hand – for example a shawl or a piece of beautiful fabric. This allows one to use less plastic bags and plastic packages and thus take care about the environment; 3. An interactive lesson of philosophy for school-age children Garden of philosophers using the methods of Humane Pedagogics; 4. Master-class in modern dance.



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