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8New Acropolis Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) participated in the Fair of Student Practices of Estácio Univeristy, to disseminate information about the 10th Philosophy Week, this Edition under the title The Philosophers of the Renaissance (Rescuing the Value of the Human Being).

New Acropolis volunteers staffed an informational stand to give out information about upcoming activities.

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20160402_104103-1Supporting those who dedicate their time and effort to the care of animals is one of the objectives of the volunteering carried out by New Acropolis in the city of Medellin.

To this end a volunteering training workshop was organized in preparation for upcoming voluntary activities such as the one involving the Society for the Protection of Animals of this city. On this occasion, New Acropolis volunteers cleaned, painted and arranged the different spaces inhabited by these kittens rescued and cared for by the organization.



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New Acropolis Mexico commemorated World Philosophy Day with the First Festival of Folkloric Dance in charge of young New Acropolis volunteers between the ages of 14 and 19 years.
Some of the dances that were presented in the show were: the “Danza de los viejitos” and the “El Trenecito” dance, both from the State of Michoacán; “Pavido navido”, native of the State of Nuevo León; “No terajes Tijuana”, from the State of Baja California Norte; and “El sinaloense” and “el Coyote” from the State of Sinaloa.

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New Acropolis Athens organized a meeting of volunteers for a clean-up of Victoria Square in Athens.

With the motto ‘All Together for All’, without discrimination, volunteers carried out the clean-up of the Square and of the surrounding area, and in this way temporarily helped conditions for refugees, for those who live there, those who work there, and also passers-by.

prosfiges-ellada-nea-acropoli-kathariotita-plateia-victorias (2)

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2016-2-5 cata de vinos (1)Wine tasting is more an art than a science, since it requires a sensitivity and subtlety in the language, transmitting a fleeting impression in an exciting way.

The evening began with an explanation of the different wines that participants would have the opportunity of tasting, accompanied by a tasting of different delicious dishes.

Before the tasting of each wine, its origin was explained; as well as the color, transparency, brightness, intensity, the fruity, floral, herbaceous aromas; sensations in the mouth such as acidity, sweet impressions, matter and body, balance, persistence of the aromas.
And all this with a perfect combination, reciting at every tasting a poem to wine and to love which delighted the attendees!

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Sharing games and dialogue with refugees 

New Acropolis Paris volunteers re-engaged their collaboration with a center for refugees. This month they have chosen games as a means of sharing and exchanging.

In the words of a volunteer:

“These moments spent with refugees reveal the joy and the enthusiasm of those who have passed through the challenges of life with the will to move forward. Over time we got to know one another, we were no longer strangers, the exchanges became more profound. We gave them a few words and they gave us some lessons of life with their way of being.”

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OINACos-MAR-6Renaissance philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, writer, etc. who illuminated with his ideas the darkness of his historical moment. A courageous free thinker who never abandoned the defense of his ideas including the existence of other parallel worlds similar to Earth.

New Acropolis paid tribute to this humanist who 416 years after his death continues to inspire us to seek the truth and to defend it.



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