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Seminario VikingosThe New Acropolis Balvanera Center presented the seminar entitled ‘Vikings: Between history and myth’, with the idea of bringing forth the main values of the Nordic peoples.

Gonzalo García spoke to attendees about the customs, the visionary knowledge of astronomy and navigation and the depth of the mythology of this fascinating culture.

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This original event brought together a lecture and theatrical zen skits. Zen is currently in fashion but it seems that our understanding of this philosophy is rather superficial or decorative.

Yet Zen philosophy, which originated in the East, talks about the great questions of life: Who are we? What role do we have to play in the world? What is life? What is death?

Actors played a few skits that made the audience laugh and reflect. This was followed by a dialogue between the speaker and the audience. Everyone realized that philosophy does not exclude laughter!


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The city of Vitória da Conquista (Bahía-Brazil) brought together professors, educators and education professionals in the context of Education Day, whose main theme this year was ‘Education and Society: Relationship between man and the world’.

Professor Herminia Trindade, representing New Acropolis, offered a lecture on happiness as a choice, presented from a very practical point of view as something that can be experienced in the present moment through the practice of virtues which are only possible through an educational method that teaches us to potentiate them in a natural way.

2016 Salvador Brasil-S Educación1 2016 Salvador Brasil-S Educación2 2016 Salvador Brasil-S Educación3

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OINAUR-2016-02-A OINAUR-2016-02-B

Volunteers from New Acropolis Uruguay organized a cultural tour of the Prado de Montevideo parks. They visited historic sites of the country including the Prado Rose Garden, the Botanical Garden and the Japanese Garden.

A beautiful opportunity to be in contact with nature and to better know the history of Uruguay.

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New Acropolis volunteers encouraged the “PLAN BEE Inspire Volunteers” initiative with their participation in a seminar dedicated to fostering the volunteering spirit, which was organized for the students of an Athens High School. The practical seminar was also an opportunity to teamwork by cleaning gardens and planting flowers.


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New Acropolis Bulgaria organized an inspirational evening dedicated to the iconic book “The Little Prince” by Saint-Exupery. The evening began with a theatrical performance in which The Little Prince, The Pilot, The Rose and The Fox came to life before the eyes of the audience. The talented actors recalled the poignant story of the little fair-haired boy and his growth-promoting adventures.

The performance was followed by a profound discussion of the philosophical ideas woven into the book, and participants shared their understanding and personal experiences. The evening brought many new inspirations and opened many topics for reflection. What else is hiding behind the phrase: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.“?

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Oina News Free Microphone MOW 02.16“When we are thirsty, we cannot think of anything except water”, but the nature of this thirst could be different. The thirst for water also means to hope, to dream, to search for it at all costs. And what about what our soul longs for? What can we do to water it, to satisfy it?
The “Open Mic” sounded “thirsty” for unity, justice, inspiration, understanding and beauty … Longing to fight for a better world.


Free-microfon 02&16

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