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New Acropolis held in Thessaloniki a workshop on learning to read efficiently. Participants learned quick and effective techniques to enhance their reading experience by increasing attention, concentration and memory.


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On this special occasion, dedicated also to the most passionate readers, New Acropolis Oradea organized a Conference addressing two main themes: the adventure of life and the importance of History.

As a starting point, answers were sought in the explanations of philosophers, in ideas based on the philosophy of Cicero, Plato and Buddha on the meaning of history and its links with the life of each individual, and in certain ideas about the laws that govern our lives from the perspective of the ancient hindu text Bhagavad Gita.

The Conference was held at the Gheorghe Şincai Municipal Library, and was presented by Andreea Neacşu, who is in charge of the activities organized by New Acropolis Oradea.

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New Acropolis Tegucigalpa, gave two lectures on ecological issues from a global perspective.

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The speakers highlighted the idea that the human being and the world are intimately linked in a process of natural symbiosis. The attendees learned about data and theories that show the human being as forming part of the planet and thus were also encouraged to take care of the environment.

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entrega ropa torrefuerte2.0The 17th Winter Campaign was carried out, with delivery by New Acropolis volunteers of approximately 210 kg of clothes and cooking utensils and 70 kg of non-perishable food items to the Torrefuerte Church, who works with the families most in need from the Paso de la Arena neighborhood, where it also runs a cafeteria for children. These donations provide a great support to this institution that is dedicated to helping those most in need.


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New Acropolis in Belo Horizonte carried out an Eco-Philosophical hike in Catas Altas and Caraça Park, as part of the activities organized to commemorate World Environment Day.

On the promenade, apart from hiking and visiting the waterfalls, various ecologically relevant lectures were given by professors of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), including on Astronomy by Renato Las Casas, on Geomorphology by Allaoua Saadi,  and a workshop on native bees by Estefane Siqueira. The activity also featured moments of artistic expression through poetry, story-telling and music, without missing of course the traditional bonfire which accompanied the evening.

As closing to the event, a visit was carried out to the Sanctuary of Caraça, whereby participants got to know the history and culture of the place that served as school and formed several personalities and politicians of the State of Minas Gerais and of Brazil.

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2016 The Year of AristotleIn the framework of UNESCO declaring 2016 Year of Aristotle, as this year marks the 2400th anniversary of the philosopher’s birth,  New Acropolis in Warsaw organized two lectures titled “In the pursuit of happiness” and “The search for the golden mean”.

The lectures were accompanied by philosophical workshops, with the aim of emphasizing the importance of virtues for everyday life.


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The presentation of the book Cagliostro, the Unknown Master by Marc Haven, took place at the central branch of New Acropolis in Lisbon, published by Nova Acropole Publishing House.

The activity was led by José Carlos Fernández, director of New Acropolis in Portugal and Gabriela Palha, translator of the work to Portuguese. Both highlighted aspects of the life and personality of Cagliostro, as well as the role that he played in history.



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