Philosophy and Health, colloquium on “well-being” on the occasion of World Philosophy Day (Bologna, Italy)

World Philosophy Day

New Acropolis organized a colloquium with the sponsorship of the City Council of Porto Saragozza to celebrate the usefulness of Philosophy in everyday life.

The topic was ‘health’ to reflect on how we experience today the value of “being well” and on what kind of “well-being”, whether external or inner, we base our striving.

The words of the classics, through the readings carried out by the volunteers, accompanied the talks by our three guests, moderated by Alessandra Ciocca, director of New Acropolis Bologna.

Gianfranco Gozzi, bolognese physician and acupuncturist, spoke about the profound meaning of ancient Chinese medicine, whose classical aim was not only to treat physical pathologies, but above all those of the soul.

Cristina Dell’Acqua, teacher and writer, presented her book “A Spa for the Soul”, whereby Latin and Greek writers are masters of inner well-being.

Cristian Traca, professor and councillor of the Porto-Zaragoza neighborhood, emphasized the importance of opening up all higher education to the classics.

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