The Night of Philosophers (Győr, Hungary)

World Philosophy Day

The seventh Night of Philosphers On World Philosophy Day. This time its motto was “The pursuit of the Good is a universal human trait”. The programme focused on virtues as the philosopher’s indispensable tools, making us stronger and more humane, and thus contributing to both individual and collective sanity and harmony.

The participants first got acquainted with the concept of virtue and some teachings of famous philosophers. Plato, for example, considers virtue to be the foundation of the ideal State and calls it the excellence of the soul. He associates it with the knowledge of the Good, which man is capable of because the Good is inherent in his soul. But in order for it to become effective, it needs to be cleansed of the delusions attached to it, like diamonds of the dirt as Plotinus puts it. The method for this internal cleansing of delusions and ignorance is taught by philosophy, the love of wisdom. In one of his allegories of virtue, the Renaissance knight Cesare Ripa portrays it as a young, beautiful, winged figure with an evergreen laurel wreath and a spear, as symbol of timeless values, invincibility and of noble character filled with self-determination.

The evening also included discussions and exercises as well es some poems put to music.

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