Talk on ‘Aldous Huxley and the Perennial Philosophy’ (London, UK)

Cultural Activities

Jules Evans, lecturer, broadcaster and author of several books on Philosophy, explained the topic of Perennial Philosophy and engaged the audience with his charismatic and down to earth approach. He shared from his own experiences how philosophy has contributed to human well-being, giving examples especially from the Stoics and reflecting on those things we can and cannot control.

To know ourselves, to be able to change our beliefs, to create new habits and to be able to build a more flourishing life, were some of the ideas discussed. Throughout the evening, he expanded on the fact that people are searching for genuine mystical experiences and how important it is to transcend our own ego.

The event was attended by a record number of visitors, many of whom engaged in the question and answer session at the end, followed by informal conversations accompanied by a cup of tea.

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