Tools to find your life purpose (Santa Ana, El Salvador)

Cultural Activities

Finding life purpose may sound difficult, but the important thing is to start and take the first step by working on attainable goals, such as our year resolutions. In our activity we learned to identify these and apply different tools to make them a reality.

We learned to:

  • Differentiate between different types of goals and how to keep them present during the year to carry them out
  • Identify the most common mistakes that prevent us from achieving our resolutions and which lead us to put them off again and again
  • Practical tips to develop your goals and how to measure our progress
  • Practical tools for managing time and energy


NuevaAcrópolis_SantaAna_ElSalvador NuevaAcrópolis_SantaAna_ElSalvador NuevaAcrópolis_SantaAna_ElSalvador

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