“Clean-up Walk: Pagasarri” (Bilbao, Spain)

Ecological Volunteering

A group of volunteers from New Acropolis Bilbao chose Mount Pagasarri to carry out their monthly clean-up walk – a favorite spot of the people of Bilbao and a symbol for the town.

Starting from Zabalburu square and as they ascended, with their usual good humor, the volunteers filled bags with waste deposited along the roadside. In addition to the typical plastics, cans, and masks, they collected a car battery and batteries, highly polluting products.

In addition to cleaning up the environment, the objective was to generate a greater sense of cleanliness in daily life leading by example. Open to all, these ecological actions allow people to feel both responsible and in solidarity with nature.

A great way to pay tribute to Bilbao while taking advantage of leisure time for a good cause.



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