Online course: “The Philosophy of the Upanishads” (Portugal)

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The writer and director of New Acropolis Portugal José Carlos Fernández offers an online course entitled: The Philosophy of the Upanishads.

This course is made up of 8 sessions that take place on Thursdays in October and November, except on the 19th, from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Upanishads constitute a group of scriptures that come from the so-called Vedic revelation. They have a deep and mysterious character, implicit in their  name. Upa ni-ṣad means to sit lower than another (to respectfully listen to their teachings) . They contain aphorisms, quotations, short hymns and mnemonic formulas, most of them being short texts. These writings range from the 8th-7th centuries BCE until the Middle Ages.

The Upanishads go deeply into the sacred teachings. Their metaphysics go beyond the liturgy and rise up to the great truth: the identity of the individual soul with the Universal Soul. In this way, these teachings will never lose their


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