“Photo-Philo” photography workshop (Bordeaux, France)

Artistic Activities

Photography workshop with philosophical perspective organized by New Acropolis Bordeaux

“To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.” This is the definition of photography by the undisputed master, the eye of the century: Henry-Cartier-Bresson.

And while the eyes converge on the summits, how can we not link these words to those of philosophers, “masters of wisdom” who also seek to link contemplation and action?
This is the common ground between “street” photographic artists and also thinkers like Socrates, on the street!

This is what a dozen budding photographer-philosophers were looking for in the streets of Bordeaux, following Olivier Larrègle’s lecture on Michelangelo, who approached his subject from the angle of beauty.

Another practice common to both disciplines: presence. This is the first principle to “capture” the images, the light, the order, the perceived “meaning” around us, in a place, in a moment: “decisive” often said Cartier Bresson, the master “photographer – philosopher”.




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