Humanitarian Action (Bahia, South Brazil)

Humanitarian Disaster Relief

In response to the volume of rain and flooding in the south of Bahia State at the end of December 2021, New Acropolis volunteers launched a campaign to collect donations of both goods and money, which they then sorted, cleaned and packed ready for sending.

In early January 2022, a truck with products purchased for the amount collected – 41,830.66 Brazilian Reals – was sent to victims living in Santa Inês, Ubaíra and Dário Meira, some of the 176 municipalities affected by the heavy rains, which killed more than 850,000 people. The items delivered included clothes, shoes, mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, basic food hampers, water, medicines, and cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Actions like these help us to see that acts of generosity can alleviate a lot of suffering, and that we should act, in a united way, to get through difficult times.

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