In the footsteps of the Knights Templar – an excursion to Lockenhaus (Hungary)

Cultural Activities

New Acropolis Hungary organized a day trip to the knight’s castle on the outskirts of Lockenhaus (Hungarian: Léka) in Austria. The participants went round every corner of the renovated castle, visited the exhibition and the study of the professor who oversaw the renovation, and marvelled at the view from the chapel tower.
















Afterwards, the participants sat down at the round table in the castle’s oldest octagonal Knights Hall and listened to a series of short presentations on the age and history of the Templars, their rules, principles and symbols.

Before the day ended with a knights’ banquet in the inner castle, they visited the underground sanctuary, which has special acoustics. Here, in the sacred centre of the inner castle, they sang Non nobis Domine as a tribute to the knights of old.

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