Lecture series: The Language of Symbols (Famalicão, Portugal)

Cultural Activities

New Acropolis Famalicão, in partnership with the City Council, inaugurated a series of lectures on “The language of symbols”.

The activity was held in the facilities of the Devesa Park (Famalicão). This series will last for one year and will cover several topics with the purpose of exploring the importance of symbols and symbolic language in today’s “desacralized” Human Being.

Nature is symbolic, the Human Being is symbolic and lives surrounded by symbols, even without realizing it. Money itself is a symbol of something that lies behind it, which is what really has value.

This first session was presented by the Director of New Acropolis in Famalicão, Isabel Areias, member of the Hermes International Institute. It emphasized the Human Being-Nature-God connection.

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