Autumn inspection of the Vallvidrera stream (Barcelona, Spain)

Mother Earth Day

A group of eleven volunteers from the Planeta Viu project of New Acropolis Barcelona carried out the autumn inspection of the sponsored section of the Vallvidrera river. This activity is carried out in collaboration with Associació Hàbitats, within the framework of the Rivers Project.

Unfortunately, due to the severe drought of the last few months, we found that there was no water in the stream, except in a very small section. Even so, a thorough observation of the riverbed and surrounding habitat, as well as the flora and fauna of the area, was carried out. There was also a selective collection of waste, especially in the riverbed, taking advantage of the fact that it was dry in order to clean it.

During the break in the activity, a brief discussion was held on the disconnection of human beings with GEA, Mother Earth, and the need to recover this link.
Reflection, together with action, allowed us to create awareness and awaken in the volunteers a new way of relating to nature and to living beings.


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