Philo Café: Is it dangerous not to take risks? (Paris, France)

Cultural Activities

New edition of our Philo-Café organized by the New Acropolis association in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The lively discussions led us to explore the notion of risk and the role it plays in all our decisions: to take or not to take a risk implies being aware that, for a given choice, there is an element of the known and an element of the unknown. Several questions arose: can we prepare ourselves for the unknown? Isn’t life inherently risky? Once we are aware of the risks, what do we do with them? And what inner dialogue does this generate with respect to our fears? How and why should we face them?

In her work, Simone Weil speaks of the needs of the soul: for her, there is both a need for security and a need for risk. For if fear and terror generate paralysis, the total absence of risk generates a numbing boredom. Risk is a danger that generates thoughtful action. It is a stimulus of great value that brings awareness of one’s limits and is indispensable for courage to emerge and express itself.

This echoes the notion of philosophical prudence, which designates the capacity to act, to take risks with discernment.

Enriched by the exchanges, we set out again into the world with a renewed perspective, on our way…. towards new unknowns!

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