Philosophical Café: “Victory” (Braga, Portugal)

Promotion of Philosophy

New Acropolis organized a talk inspired by the chapter “Victory”, from the book “Path to Victory”, written by Delia Steinberg Guzmán.

In this activity, we talked about how the effort and struggle that precede every victory, big or small, are manifested especially in the innermost levels of the human being. There is no doubt that many efforts require the active participation of our actions. But the root of this physical effort is always in those things we know or want; willpower and knowledge are powerful engines.

We cannot fail to recognize that the most terrible struggles take place in the psyche and the mind. Great is the pain suffered by bodies, but it is not comparable to the intensity of the pain of the subtle planes, for which it is not easy to find an immediate remedy.

Many fighters know how important it is to remain calm in the midst of that struggle. Everything must have a purpose, and in order for the purpose not to disappear from sight, serenity is necessary.

Serenity is a state of the soul very close to victory, even if it is not the great victory. There will always be difficulties, because there is no victory without struggle. But, it is necessary to know how to differentiate the difficulties from the fantasies generated by fear.

Fear is dark and creates the same darkness within us and around us. We cannot see inside ourselves, nor can we discern what is happening outside ourselves when we are in the middle of the night and the darkness dominates and hides all traces of victory. So, we must learn to win in the night. Let us begin by overcoming fear. Fear is the test. The target is victory.


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