Poetry recital in honor of Florbela Espanca (Portugal)

Artistic Activities

The “Florbela Espanca” Poetry Group , which has completed twelve years of existence, presented its twelfth consecutive poetry recital in tribute to the one who is considered by some as the greatest Portuguese poetess.

It is ignored by many people that she was called by Fernando Pessoa his “soul mate”. Having gained prominence and acceptance, for several years, the ostracism to which she was subjected, even by some women of her century, had a very negative influence on her image. But, there is something unique in the mystical experience of the inner war that Florbela Espanca expresses in her verses, bathed in a feminine nature allied to the determination that characterizes women who are ahead of their time.

With enthusiasm to contribute to this inspiring poetic outpouring, the “Florbela Espanca” Poetry Group paid tribute to her on December 8, the day of her birth and death.

The poetry group, which bears her name, gave voice to the experiences of courage and inner freedom of a woman unafraid to challenge the norms of her time, and capable of maintaining a deep religiosity, which was her source of inspiration.

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