Pilgrimage (Portugal)

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Towards the end of April, members of New Acropolis Portugal took part in their traditional Peregrinatio, now in its fifth year. Over four days, they walked to different places with a special significance for the history of Portugal.

This year, the walkers chose to visit the city of Coimbra and its surrounding area, including sites such as the Monastery of St. Mark, which is an example of the beginnings of Renaissance art in Portugal; the Upper Town, home of the famous University of Coimbra; the Monastery of St. Clare, and the Penedo da Saudade, which holds a mythical and legendary place in the Portuguese imagination.

Other sites they visited included the prehistoric rock carvings of Pedra Latreira, the dolmen of Carniçosas, the remains of the ancient Roman camp of Lomba do Cano and the waterfall known as Fraga da Pena, in the heart of the Serra do Açor. The Garganta do Cabril on the river Ceira, the Cabo Mondego or the Pasadizos de Nuestra Señora da Candosa also formed part of the route.

Last on the list of places to visit was the Roman city of Conímbriga, an archaeological site of special interest for the beauty of its mosaics. After a walk around the site, which revealed different aspects of life in an ancient Roman city, the Peregrenatio finally came to an end – until the next time, of course.

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