New Acropolis Rijeka volunteers held a day of children’s activities titled ‘Who loves stories?’ at the Kraljevica Rehabilitation Center.

Children enjoyed stories, songs and rhymes, through popular characters and animals such as kings and lions, birds and frogs. Volunteers created a fruitful space for imagination, beauty, love and unity…

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On the occasion of Earth Day 2016, New Acropolis Syracuse organized “Green Coding” and creative recycling workshops for children  and presented an interesting lecture on “Climate change”, with the participation of experts in environmental sciences and of various associations of the area, who discussed this topic highlighting the causes, effects and individual solutions in the fight against Global Warming.

The diving team of New Acropolis, together with the port authority and with the collaboration of ‘Blu School Free Diving’, carried out a clean-up of the seabed in the sea area of the Canal Dársena on the island of Ortigia.




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The workshop ‘Think Green’ addressed various environmental problems, their causes, and some possible ways to overcome them.
The traditional perspectives of ancient civilizations regarding various aspects of life remind us of our responsibility as human beings, inspire us and give us hope in a better future.

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New Acropolis Chile carried out various activities in parks and urban spaces to promote philosophy, culture and volunteerism. “The dice of Sofia” in Viña del Mar and “Thousand cranes” in Puerto Montt, are examples of the good reception among the public and the community in general.

In the city of Puerto Montt, a thousand paper cranes (origami) made by volunteers were given out, in allusion to an ancient Eastern legend that grants a wish to those who achieve the purpose of making the thousand cranes. Each person who received a crane had the opportunity of making a wish to improve the world and to write it on the wall of good wishes.

In Garden City, Viña del Mar, passers-by got to roll the ‘Dice of Sofia’, and took home a gift-souvenir such as a written phrase of wisdom, a paper flower, etc.

deseos en p.monttdado de sofia

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Towarzystwo Kulturalne Nowa Akropolisbook-colb2016
New Acropolis in Warsaw joined the nationwide “Great Books Collection” for children and young people. It is organized by the Foundation, that wishes to create libraries in hospitals, orphanages, hospices, day care centers and wherever books are needed.

At New Acropolis, volunteers opened a collection site where people from the community can collaborate. This initiative has already collected nearly 200 books that will go to young readers. Our organization received official thanks.



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For the second year, New Acropolis participated in the Night of the Houses of Culture, a series of programmes organized with the aim of promoting the activities of cultural institutions. Held in Budapest, the evening-long event at New Acropolis was titled “Small Steps for Man” and comprised three parts.

First, a talk about Tibetan mandalas as symbols of completeness titled “”One Step Toward Ourselves””.
The second part, titled “”One Step Toward Others””, focused on volunteering and offered an opportunity for participants to try various team-building activities.

During the third part, titled “”One Step Toward Harmony” ”, participants could get acquainted with different instruments with the help of professional musicians. The night ended with Hungarian and Irish folk dances.


Cultural Houses_Budapest



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New Acropolis joined the largest environmental campaign “Let’s do it Ukraine 2016” to celebrate Earth Day.  New Acropolis volunteers from nine Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, and Zaporizhzhia,  simultaneously coordinated parks and Botanical Gardens clean-ups during two consecutive weekends.

Thanks to the efforts of nearly 400 volunteers, more than 800 bags of trash were collected, a large part of which will be recycled.

Since 1991, New Acropolis Ukraine has organized clean-ups in streets, parks and botanical gardens and participated in other environmental campaigns.

Ecological activity in Ivano-Frankivsk branch

Filial de Ivano-Frankivsk.

Ecological activity in Odessa branch

Filial de Odessa

Ecological activity in Kharkiv branch

Filial Kharkiv.

Ecological activity in Mykolaiv branch

Filial Mykolaiv.

Ecological activity in Poltava branch

Filial Poltava

Ecological activity in Kharkiv branch

Filial Kharkiv

Ecological activity in Poltava branch

Filial Poltava

Ecological activity in Dnipropetrovsk branch

Filial Dnipropetrovsk

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