New Acropolis Tirana volunteers visited a nursing home located in Tirana. This interaction between generations was helpful for both parties because they had the opportunity to share emotions, memories and experiences with one another. In a joyful and familial atmosphere, elderly residents sang and danced to traditional Albanian music.

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The Planetarium of Brasilia hosted the students of the New Acropolis philosophy course in Aguas Claras. They participated in a guided visit of the Museum of the Planetarium – displaying high-resolution pictures of stunning cosmic structures like galaxies and nebulae, and also replicas of rocket launchers and satellites developed with national technology. There was also a screening of the film “The Origin of Life”.

Since the beginning of time, philosophers have been interested in the mysteries of man and the universe. New Acropolis joins these classical philosophers, uniting scientific knowledge with practical experience, aimed at the solution of the problems of modern man.


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Como Treinar Seu Dragão (4)

To talk about the symbolism of the dragon and what we need to do to awaken the hero who is asleep within every one of us, New Acropolis Fortaleza presented the talk “How to train our Dragon?”, given by Professor Rafael Montenegro.

In various myths, to fulfill its mission, the hero needs to kill a dragon, that mythical being who keeps the fire inside it. But does this dragon reside inside or outside of ourselves?

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Visita Castulo

New Acropolis Jaén continues fostering the initiative to promote the rich historical and artistic heritage of the Jaén province.

On this occasion New Acropolis organized a guided visit to the Iberian-Roman city of Castulo at the hands of Marcelo Castro, the director of this archaeological site, whose discoveries have been of great importance, such as the ‘Mosaic of Los Amores’, or the building of one of the oldest Christian communities in the peninsula.

New Acropolis has been collaborating on projects involving the archaeological site of Castulo, not only for the development of these guided visits to promote its historical importance, but also as a volunteer organization that helps specialists in archaeological excavations.

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Nea Acropoli Ioannina - Happening Filosofia

New Acropolis Ioannina volunteers carried out in one of the main Squares of the city, an event open to the public which featured various activities in celebration of World Philosophy Day. Nea Acropoli Ioannina - Happening Filosofia

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Nea Akropoli Larisa - Book Club
New Acropolis in Larissa organizes a Reading Club whereby participants present books dealing with philosophy, history, and culture.
The photo shows one of the meetings recently held.

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Susana Macías, interviewed by Xavier López.

Susana Macías and Arturo López of New Acropolis Barcelona, were interviewed by Xavier López in the program ‘Ilurion’ of Radio Mataró on Socrates and his disciples. Arturo López, embodies the character of Socrates in the play The Death of Socrates, presented on the New Acropolis stage on several occasions.

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