Open classroom organized by New Acropolis Governador Valadares (Minas Gerais-Brazil) at the peak of Ibiturana, the main tourist destination of the city, a majestic black stone which can be seen from all the districts of the city.

On this occasion, the classes were I Ai Do and Kyudo. I Ai Do is the Japanese martial art of unsheathing the sword, and Kyudo is the Japanese martial art of archery.

2016 GV Brasil-S AAMM1 2016 GV Brasil-S AAMM2

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New Acropolis Valencia collected various materials including clothing, towels, blankets, etc. for subsequent delivery to the Valencian Society for the protection of animals and plants (S.V.P.A.P), and the animals hosted by the shelters.

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New Acropolis in Bulgaria organized a three-day course for young philosophers in nature. The participants enjoyed very inspiring classes and different psychological exercises.

In the workshops, there was a special focus dedicated to the four elements of nature: participants had to overcome various challenges related to Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Thus they put to the test their strength, endurance, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork, in a great atmosphere of joy and laughter!

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Tel Aviv organised a mini marathon of lectures of approximately 30 minutes each on happiness, a recurring theme in our minds. We talked about the source of happiness and if we are looking for it in the right place.

As a discussion point, the mysterious Kingdom of Bhutan was considered, which had as a priority the happiness of its citizens.

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The recent scientific discoveries about the human heart are revolutionary. Academic researchers even say that the human heart, with its thousands of neurons and its intense electromagnetic field, is a state of consciousness. The ancient Egyptians believed that during the pathway towards death, the heart of the deceased was weighed. Had he thought, felt, and acted with justice? With kindness? With love? This is what mattered. The seminar highlighted what is essential in the human being: learning to connect with life through the heart. And philosophy, as love of wisdom, is a path of the heart more than just a path of the intellect.


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Amor en accio
This summer we wrapped up the collection campaign of health-related materials for the NGO ‘Love in Accion’, made up of doctors and nurses from Quirón Hospital.

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We went to the streets to speak with young people interested in the many practical ways philosophy can be applied to their daily lives.

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