Plan bee - NEA AKROPOLIWithin the framework of the project Be an idealist – Inspire volunteers, New Acropolis Athens visited a school of students to talk to them about the importance of volunteering and to give them the opportunity to experience volunteering through active participation.

Thus volunteers and students together cleaned classrooms and the school courtyard, and engaged in interactive games to emphasize the importance of teamwork and spirit of solidarity when volunteering.


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For World Music Day, New Acropolis Montreal held a lecture titled The Music of Numbers. Throughout the activity, participants had the opportunity to be inspired by various forms of manifestation and realize that was is hidden behind all of this are numbers.

For example, the spiral of the shell obeys the same laws as the spiral of a galaxy. On the other hand, music involves the concept of time and measurement.

The public was invited to see that, just like nature, we can be the architects of our lives but we must first understand the principles taught by Nature in order to make our life a musical piece.

Musique des Nombres - Nouvelle Acropole Montreal

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A tribute to World Philosophy Day joined these two towns, which set up an information stand in the main square of the city. On that sunny day many people had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of philosophy to live a better everyday life as well as the activities of New Acropolis itself.

The citizens of Podgorica showed a lot of interest in the Wheel of Virtues and around a hundred people who had the courage to spin it, randomly chose a valuable virtue and a related philosophical thought which they took away for inspiration.

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23New Acropolis Lisbon volunteers organized the 3rd Campaign for collection of food, clothing and toys for the Parish of the Vincentians, in the nearby town of Feijó.

Thanks to the generous collaboration of many people, this Christmas a large number of families in need received help and coverage of basic needs for food and clothing.

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7 First Seminar of Mythology: ‘Greek myths and re-encountering the inner being’ in New Acropolis Chapeco (Santa Catarina-Brazil)

What was the origin of the universe? How to understand the phenomena of nature? These and other questions impelled man’s search to understand himself and the world. It was through myths that the Greeks found a way to get closer to the answers to these questions.


6The program included the lectures: ‘Introduction to mythology: Origin of the universe, of gods and men’, ‘Gods of Olympus: the relationship between gods and men, and between men and gods’ and ‘Saga: monsters and heroes, inspiration!’.

According to the lecturer Ana Carolina Duering: “Falling in love with mythology takes us to another conception of the world, we perceive small and large mysteries, we walk through the history of mankind and we become passionate about another reality”.


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Los voluntarios del proyecto “Despertando Sonrisas” retoman el nuevo ciclo elaborando nuevas actividades para niños y ancianos.The social volunteerism project Awakening Smiles, carried out with the support of the association Soñar Despierto, begins the new season with activities also dedicated to the elderly.

For the past seven years, the project has been serving children at risk of social exclusion, organizing entertaining and educational activities to transmit human values, and fostering development and training.

This year, Awakening Smiles will also take place in a nursing home, and will seek to transmit and foster the enthusiasm and joy characterizing the project.



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Dic1New Acropolis Liberia organized a tour of Rio Celeste, in Tenorio National Park, where we can appreciate the unique phenomenon of intense turquoise waters at a point of intersection between the tributaries of two rivers containing aluminum silicates. The refraction of the sun’s rays on these silicates gives rise to this particular tone in the water.



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