Cosmovision-Maya-Nouvelle-Acropole-MontrealThe speaker, Denis Bricnet, allowed the public to meet the soul and the spirit of the Mayan world. In this richly illustrated lecture, we explored almost 2000 years of history and several ancient Mayan cities.

One of the keys to understanding this civilization that was explored during the evening was the constancy of symbolic elements. Hence the glyph of the portal with its four leaved shape, refers to a meeting point between the worlds. This glyph also symbolizes the power of the shaman, who is able to access and transmit an essential cosmovision that is essential for the governments of the cities. An enriching Q & A period followed the lecture.

The participants went back home inspired with a renewed appreciation of the culture and civilization of the Maya.


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Mauricio Puentes (4th Dan in Taekwon-do) and Juan Pablo Romanelli (2nd Dan in iaido) spoke about the deep meaning of the philosophical path and the code of honor of the samurai warriors. Juan Pablo led an incredible demonstration of iaido with a katana (the sword used by the the Samurai) to show us the level of perfection and concentration that they themselves sought.


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Great news for the New Acropolis volunteers who collaborated on Project Ríos: otters re-appeared in the Ripoll river!

New Acropolis has collaborated with Project Ríos for the past seven years, by adopting a stretch of the Ripoll river – formerly known as ‘sewer of the industry’ – due to its poor ecological conditions.

Volunteering work has consisted of picking up accumulated garbage and caring for local flora and fauna.

New Acropolis volunteers have observed a great improvement in the health of the river, and the news recently published was very gratifying, that a community of otters has returned to populate the Ripoll river reflecting strong ecological conditions!

New Acropolis volunteers in one of the clean-up operations in Ripoll river.


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An awards ceremony was recently celebrated for the 1st Literary Competition – Tales and Poetry, Oriental Section, with the theme ‘For a new and better world’. This event was promoted by New Acropolis in collaboration with the University Modular Abierta regional San Miguel who granted parts of scholarships to the winning students.

Students who sent their works to the competition, will participate in the creative writing workshop “Connect with art” which will be taught by writers and by New Acropolis volunteers in the facilities of the University.

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celebracion 51 años Chile 3

New Acropolis Chile celebrated their 51 years of institutional presence in the country. Lectures, volunteering activities, and various cultural activities served as a framework for the commemoration of this anniversary that leaves behind years of uninterrupted work in this South American country.

celebración 51 años Chile

celebración 51 años Chile 2

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The Publishing House of New Acropolis Slovenia published a new book titled ‘An option of life’, comprising a selection of articles on psychology and philosophy by  Jelena Sikirić, psychologist and director of New Acropolis Russia.

The presentation of the book took place at ‘Literature House’ in Maribor, and included some words on the author and selected readings of her work.

Presentation of a new book


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In celebration of International Teachers Day, New Acropolis Nicaragua was invited by the Television program ‘This Morning’, on Channel 8, to speak about the relevance of Teachers in the development of an individual’s life, and about the Teacher-Disciple relationship that has been relevant throughout the course of History.

Nueva Acropolis Nic

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