Time to smile! Oral Hygiene Campaign (Honduras)

In May, volunteers from New Acropolis Honduras carried out an Oral Hygiene Campaign at the Maximiliano Sagastume School, Sagastume District, where more than 70 children of between 5-12 years old […]

Chinese Philosophy: The Tao (Belgium)

At the “Little Mountain” cultural space, New Acropolis in Namur organized a lecture on Chinese philosophy and its origins. The Tao is an untranslatable symbol, rich in symbolism with many […]

Celebration of Earth Day (Slovakia)

To mark International Earth Day, New Acropolis Slovakia, with the support of the City Council, organized a clean up of a park in the city of Košice. More than 120 […]

11th Fair for Volunteerism

11th Volunteering Fair (Athens, Greece)

11th Volunteering Fair, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Under this motto, 40 organizations and hundreds of volunteers invited visitors to attend the Volunteering Fair held […]