New Acropolis and the Congress of the Republic organized a campaign offering free health checkups (Peru)

Social Volunteering


New Acropolis and the Congress of the Republic of Peru joined forces to organize a Health Campaign for low-income citizens from Centro Poblado Alto Trujillo in La Libertad.

New Acropolis Volunteers and health specialists in different areas offered free services with educational talks on healthcare and in specialties like: general medicine, odontology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, psychology, blood pressure control, healthy child psycho-education, remedies and vaccinations. Medicines, personal care items, clothing and toys were also handed out. This took place at the Virgen del Carmen school. There was a show for the children attending the event.

Every year New Acropolis and its volunteers organize this Health Campaign and healthcare education in 25 cities of Peru in coordination with several institutions and good-willed people that seek to provide better living conditions to low-income populations of our country.

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