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nea-akropolh-οριγκαμιNew Acropolis Greece organized short excursions to mountain sites where participants played interactive group games, explored nature, enjoyed the sun and fresh air and the feeling of belonging and sharing. An Origami workshop, involving the ancient handicraft art of Japan, was presented for beginners. Participants were taught to create small figures of animals, flowers, geometrical shapes, from folding pieces of paper and without using any scissors.

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2015 Uberaba Brasil-S EntrevistaThe TV program Integraço (MGTV) invited New Acropolis Uberaba for an interview on coexistence.
The invitation was related to the lecture entitled ‘The art of coexistence’ which featured Ana Cristina, the New Acropolis presenter, who addressed the topic under the focus of philosophy in the classical manner, i.e. how through pedagogical processes and the development of human values we can build coexistence with more solidarity and fraternal awareness.

Enjoy the interview:

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Nouvelle acropole, conférence D. Duquet « Mythes et symboles » à Paris 11On the occasion of the series of lectures on ‘Philosophy and the Sacred’, Dominique Duquet presented his latest research on ‘Myths and Symbols’ at New Acropolis Paris and in collaboration with the Hermes International Institute of Anthropology . What is the role of the imagination and of the sacred in our society? Without a symbolic life the human heart dries up and his creativity withers. Aren’t symbols, as thought Jung, messengers of the spirit and carriers of the sacred? And isn’t the sacred in oneself an inherent characteristic of human consciousness?
What place are symbols and rites of initiation given in contemporary society? What role do archetypes and myths of traditional and modern civilizations play?

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Book Lab Νέα Ακρόπολη Book Lab Νέα ΑκρόποληThe ‘Booksharing’ group organized an evening at the ‘Friends of Comics’ Club to share the symbolism of fictional heroes. They presented and talked about the mythology contained within modern comics. The evening concluded with the traditional exchange of books among participants.

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In the hall of New Acropolis Cadiz, friends of bees were invited to a series of activities organized by Hygea New Medicine Association.
MIEL 1WThe workshop counted with the collaboration of other associations and its main objective was to increase awareness of the importance of these lovers of flowers for our environment and our own existence.

Dr. Rosario del Castillo, a member of Hygea New Medicine, gave an informative talk entitled ‘Home remedies with honey’.



MIEL 5WThe Gastronomic Group El Almirez shared with attendees several recipes where honey was the star ingredient, which had as culmination a delicious tasting.

A few days later, participants visited the Patiño Bee Farm, located in El Colorado (Conil de la Frontera).

Finally a talk-colloquium was given by David Moreno and Mila Pulido, responsible for the environment section of the GEA group of volunteer work, entitled ‘The importance of bees for life’.



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2015 Savassi Brasil-S Origami1New Acropolis volunteers in Savassi offered origami creations and poems by Cecília Meireles on Libertad Square in the city of Belo Horizonte. On the eve of International Women’s Day, these small gifts – carrying the grace and softness of the Japanese ancient art along with the expressive power of the feminine in contemporary Brazilian poetry – were given to women on Libertad Square. An expression of gratitude to the women who play a fundamental role in our lives and society…



2015 Savassi Brasil-S Origami2



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nea akropolh heraklo creteThis year New Acropolis celebrated 29 years of consistent presence and volunteering action in Heraklion, Crete.
Members and friends of New Acropolis participated in this celebration to honor the importance of philosophy, culture and volunteering through New Acropolis’ work in Heraklion. Memories were shared related to the 29 years of volunteering  experiences, and ideas and thoughts were exchanged with other cultural groups that also work in the ‘Ideopolis’ Cultural Center.

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