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The cooperation with the UNESCO Center continues after five years in which several series of activities dedicated to philosophy, science, and the world’s cultural heritage have been organized.

On this occasion, New Acropolis Slovakia launched in January, a series of public lectures organized jointly with the Center for Information and Documentation of UNESCO. The series is on the great figures of art, to whom a range of activities will be dedicated throughout the year.

The first presentation was dedicated to Johann Wolfgang Goethe and was held at the University Library of Bratislava.


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paris 5.Nouvelle-Acropole-Luc-Bige-10-12-2013-300x199-1The symbolism of the human body, something so common to all and so little known! How can something that has been so dissected and analyzed from all angles still hold some hidden meaning?

This was the journey through our body at the hands of Lucas Bige, biochemist, writer and symbolist, who showed us that behind the sound of the names attributed to different parts of the body lies a hidden meaning.
And hence we discovered a ‘beautiful parchment’, a kind of symbolic geography in our own body…

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New Acropolis Nicaragua volunteers visited the Home ‘Siervas del Divino Rostro’, south of the capital. A day full of activities with a piñata, facepainting, charades and many other surprises. In addition, each volunteer sponsored a child in order to offer them a nice gift.

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In collaboration with the student cultural center of Belgrade, New Acropolis presented the lecture ‘Overcoming Fears’. Through a philosophical approach, participants identified lack of knowledge and experience as main factors underlying fears. Everything that is unknown elicits feelings of fear which can block us, but which can also encourage us to take action. It is action that allows us to overcome fears, the unknown becomes known and this makes doubt and pain disappear.

Pobedivanje-strahova-SKC Nova-Akropola-SKC-predavanje

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica, the central branch of New Acropolis presented the poetry recital Poetry in Transit within the framework of the International Book Fair, which included the participation of Hernan Sanchez Barros, Director of New Acropolis Costa Rica.


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New Acropolis Montreal presented a lecture entitled Consciousness and the frontier of the afterlife.
This question has challenged the human consciousness since the dawn of time. Is consciousness outside the brain? What can the people who experienced a near-death experience (NDE) tell us? What about the new scientific discoveries? What is quantum consciousness? The philosopher-speaker introduced the subject with clarity, supported by quotes, examples and meditations. This quest for truth led participants to reflect upon what is the real identity of the human being.


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Art of the conversationIn the public library of Warsaw, New Acropolis volunteers have been carrying out a series of meetings open to the public with the title The Art of Conversation … or Socratic dialogues.

Participants in addition to learning something about classical philosophy in Greece, participate in the workshop, in the Socratic manner, and experience the difference between debate and dialogue.




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