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New Acropolis Honduras organized a new edition of the photography contest The Positive Face of Honduras. This year for the first time it was organized at the national level, with exhibitions simultaneously at the Multiplaza Mall of Tegucigalpa, at the City Mall in San Pedro Sula and the City Hall of Comayagua.

The first prize winner by the jury’s decision, was the photo titled Jump in Sandy Bay, by Fuad Asfura. The winners of the second and third prizes were: Carlos Alberto Rubio and Gabriela Zuniga Fu.

Our thanks to the following sponsors without which this project would not have been possible: El Heraldo, Telamar resort, Valor Humano, dental clinic Oral Pro, Eter, Group Promasa, Parthenon, The Braguru, Multiplaza Mall, Group Jaremar and New Acropolis International Association.

Fotografía: “El viajero”, de Jabdiel Valladares.


Fotografía ganadora del primer premio: “Salto en Sandy Bay” de Fuad Asfura







Ganadora del segundo premio: “Cuestión de fe”.


“El barbero de la Concordia”.



Fotografía ganadora de facebook, “Hotel de un millón de estrellas”, de Carlos Alberto Rubio.


Fotografía ganadora de facebook: “Sobre las ruinas” de Carlos Fernando Gallardo.




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Citizens of all ages who were walking along the Paseo de Almería had an active participation in the improvised ‘Cinema Stand’ that New Acropolis set up in the street, on the occasion of the celebration of World Philosophy Day, with the theme ‘Philosophers go to the Movies!’.

It is said that cinema is probably the most influential art of the 20th century. Sometimes the expressive power of film joins forces with a philosophical message that impacts the human heart and awakens a vital reflection on reality, on the meaning of existence. Star Wars, Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, etc. are well-known movies and representative of the theme of this year. Passers-by, dressed up with costumes that they chose among our props, had a fun time improvising scenes from movies with photocall. Participants also had time for reflection, witnessing brief theatrical philosophical dialogues taking place between a teacher and students.

The event ended with a floral tribute at the foot of the statue of Almeria to the Educator in the Plaza Juan Cassinello.



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2016 Curitiba Brasil-S Plotino01
The ‘Reading Club’, an on-going project promoted by New Acropolis Curitiba, discussed the work by Plotinus On Beauty.
After the reading of a selected text, participants shared reflections.  The objective of this activity is to encourage reading and reflection on the classical philosophers.

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S Plotino02

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After 25 years promoting Philosophy, Culture, and Volunteering, New Acropolis Ukraine has branches in 10 cities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Zaporizhia, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Vinnytsia. To celebrate this meaningful anniversary, many Acropolis volunteers and guests from neighboring countries came to congratulate the Ukrainian school!
New Acropolis Ukraine celebrates its 25th anniversary

New Acropolis Ukraine celebrates its 25th anniversary

New Acropolis Ukraine celebrates its 25th anniversary

New Acropolis Ukraine celebrates its 25th anniversary

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For a tenth consecutive year, New Acropolis Zagreb celebrated World Philosophy Day. On this occasion, a talk about Aristotle was an opportunity to highlight the importance of philosophy and its role for the modern man, since philosophy for Aristotle was not just a love for knowledge in its theoretical function, but a practical activity in the fulfillment of the aspiration towards the best life for the human being.

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New Acropolis Warsaw celebrated World Philosophy Day with a three-day program including lectures, workshops, and dialogues.

The theme of the first day was ‘Schools of Philosophy in the Classical Tradition’, and presentations were held on the importance and role of philosophy schools throughout history.  During practical workshops, participants carried out practices related to ‘observation’.


The second day was dedicated to ‘The Philosophy of Culture’, and the influence of philosophy on the cultural process, relationships in society, and the formative culture of self-knowledge. During the corresponding practical workshop, participants discovered aspects of themselves through theatrical exercises.



The theme of the third day was ‘The Philosophy of Volunteering’, whereby the importance of Will and Free Will in philosophy was discussed. During the practical workshop, participants expressed their internal process of good will preparing handmade toys for hospitalized children.


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img_20160902_123841 img_20160902_110247 img_20160902_110235

A flea market was organized in the Kfar Saba branch. Visitors from all around the city came to buy appliances, children games, clothes and more. The event was a great opportunity to meet and greet people of the city, to strengthen fraternity among volunteers, and to raise money for future activities.

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