Book Lab Νέα Ακρόπολη

Evening at ‘Friends of Comics’ Club (Greece)

The ‘Booksharing’ group organized an evening at the ‘Friends of Comics’ Club to share the symbolism of fictional heroes. They presented and talked about the mythology contained within modern comics. The […]

World Philosophy Day with Plato in Budapest (Hungary)

New Acropolis Budapest presented six platonic dialogues (Alcibiades I, Symposium, Phaedo, Meno, Gorgias and Philebus) in an evening dedicated to self-knowledge, education and justice. The presenters summarized the main ideas of each dialogue […]

The art of healthy living (Timisoara, Romania)

New Acropolis Timisoara presented a course on the art of healthy living whereby Dr. Anca Paunescu offered practical explanations and recommendations with regards to the prevention of illness. The course […]

Talk: Great Heroines of America (Montevideo, Uruguay)

New Acropolis Montevideo offered the talk entitled ‘Great Heroines of America’ in commemoration of  International Women’s Day. This activity was an excellent opportunity to encounter the great women who played a key role […]