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New Acropolis once again visited the orphanage at Doganovo.  On this occasion the volunteers, who cooperate with this institute on a monthly basis, prepared a theatre workshop based on popular fairytales.

At the start, the children are enthused with a warming up exercise where they rehearse their parts.   Afterward, teams of directors and children/actors are formed, and before acting each team does its own rehearsal.  In the photos we can see what the talented youngsters  accomplished after much work and rehearsing.
DSC06010     DSC06025
DSC06033     DSC06037

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IMG_9291IMG_9307The 2nd Anniversary of philosophical activities was celebrated at New Acropolis San Isidro.  A reception was organized to commemorate these two years of philosophical, cultural and volunteering service.

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Stage painting
The group of artists of New Acropolis Heraklion undertook to paint the decorations for a children’s show and gave other collaborators an opportunity to learn the art of painting in order to create a colourful world of imagination.

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Acción social en la comunidad de lo Salgueiro en Rio de Janeiro

Towards the end of June, New Acropolis volunteers in Tijuca began a social work campaign in the Salgueiro community.  In cooperation with the Leo XIII Foundation, legal assistance was initially given to a great number of people who needed documents such as marriage certificates, identity certificates, etc.  Another cooperating entity in this area was the Hélio Alonso Law Faculty.

In the health area, the activities consisted of presenting informative lectures on diseases such as AIDS and how to prevent them.  In addition, there were individual check-ups with doctors and psychologists to answer all their questions.  Physical therapists also helped out.
Acción social en la comunidad de lo Salgueiro en Rio de Janeiro
Acción social en la comunidad de lo Salgueiro en Rio de Janeiro

Another group of volunteers dedicated their time to the children with team games and different types of entertainment.
This campaign, which was promoted by New Acropolis Rio de Janeiro, also had help from a group of physical therapists, “Marcos Cardia Fisioterapeutas”,  the group of doctors “Grupo Medico Dra. Regina Celia G. Hermann” and the cultural group “Espacio Cultural Armonía de Jo”.
Acción social en la comunidad de lo Salgueiro en Rio de Janeiro

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Last June, Europe experienced the worst flooding in recent decades.  At least 20 lives were lost and tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes.  The river Danube was at the highest level ever on record in Hungary, so authorities and volunteers were using all resources to prevent the flooding of towns and cities near the river.

New Acropolis volunteers participated together with other teams in Gyor and Budapest on the days when most help was needed.  50 volunteers in total participated in building embankments to reinforce flood defenses and in the necessary evacuation of cities and towns.


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Plato's cave street performance
New Acropolis Heraklion presented a street show based on the popular Myth of the Cave by Plato.  Under the title “Prisoner or Escape?” the public had the opportunity to participate actively with the artists through interactive games about this current reality which comes from an ancient allegory.

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Medellin continues to organize theme nights filled with the music and food of the culture chosen for that night.  Last June it was the Celtic culture’s turn.  This was a new presentation which generated great expectations among the audience.
noche celtanochecelta4
The Celtic musical group Valar enlivened this special night with its melodious songs which ended with the audience dancing.  In addition, the food was surprising:  Rye bread with a mix of blue cheese and crème cheese as an appetizer, and as the main course, Trimelstown roast sirloin, which is sirloin roasted with fennel, whisky and wine, accompanied with steamed carrots and green peas with a bit of butter;  purée with couscous and parsley, and as the beverage, a refreshing honey water with a mint aroma; and as if that was not enough, the dinner closed with the dessert, ‘Chranachan’ made with oatmeal, almonds, honey, red fruit and whisky.

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