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New Acropolis volunteers in Nicaragua received a first aid workshop with the aim of learning basic techniques and procedures in order to provide an effective response in cases of emergency.


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Conferencia “Giordano Bruno: la filosofía como forma de vida” en Nueva Acrópolis Barcelona.

Miguel Angel Granada, Professor of the University of Barcelona and world reference on Giordano Bruno, gave a lecture on the occasion of the 415th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance philosopher and his philosophy as a way of life in New Acropolis Barcelona.

Under the title ‘Giordano Bruno: Philosophy as a way of life’, the presenter talked about philosophy as Bruno addressed it in his works: living according to reason and always pursuing the improvement of oneself. The philosopher has no fear nor hope because he lives in the present and connects to the metaphysical, recalled Miguel Ángel Granada.

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New Acropolis Taubaté organized a cultural visit to the Mazzaropi Museum. Located near the Hacienda Santa, in the District of Itaim, Taubaté, where he produced most of his films, the Museum is dedicated to rescue and to honor the life and work of the great Brazilian filmmaker Amácio Mazzaropi.
The Museum keeps a collection of more than 20 000 items, including pictures, movies, documents, objects, furniture and equipment forming part of the career of the artist, who turned the Vale do Paraiba into his hearth. The visit aimed to delve into the history of this great comic artist – who is still considered one of the greatest filmmakers of Brazil, who used language to address the serious problems of his time, still current, such as prejudice, violence, politics, and social responsibility.


museu_Taubaté03 museu_Taubaté04museu_Taubaté02

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NA-Jaén colabora en la prisiónNew Acropolis has initiated a new season of support in the Penitentiary Center of Jaen.
This collaboration is part of an agreement between the association and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through which New Acropolis develops the project called ‘Values that change the world’, which consists of a series of lectures to promote philosophical reflection on universal themes. This activity will take place twice a month throughout the Spring until the end of the year, and is in charge of two New Acropolis volunteers having extensive experience in this type of collaboration. A highlight is the positive response among participants who maintain a strong attendance. The talks are in the form of dialogues, in which after introducing a topic from a philosophical stance, views are exchanged.

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portada libroThe presentation of the book ‘The Secret Ideal of the Templars’, by Professor Delia Steinberg Guzmán, International Director of New Acropolis was held at the Lisbon Center.

In this framework, the writer Jose Carlos Fernández addressed the topic ‘Templar Symbols’, according to one of the chapters of this book, and explained how this work was conceived and the elements that make it unique, amidst the abundant literature on this theme, very dear to the Portuguese people. And also the Spanish people since both lands, as much of today’s Europe, were blessed by the deeds and works of these knightly monks thirsty for a mysticism and an ideal of harmony, of great renewing power.

Taking advantage of this event was inaugurated, for the first time in Lisbon, the Circle of Friends of New Acropolis in this city.





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navegacao_Campinas01Training class on navigation and use of the compass. The event was held in the district Joaquim Egidio – Campinas, where participants also learned to read a map.

Participants learned about the creation and the use of the compass and about the interpretation of a map. To complete the adventure, they enjoyed a tour through the beautiful landscape of Pico das Cabras.

We believe that in the era of GPS a compass is a somewhat obsolete tool. However, in an emergency situation it can be very useful to go from one place to another without many resources.

In current times, as we are living in highly urbanized environments, learning how to use the compass can serve as motivation to bring us closer to nature.


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Nouvelle Acropole Toulouse - Volontariat écologique -Nettoyage berges de la GaronneSince the banks of “Lady Garonne” are being polluted regularly with wastes of all kinds, volunteers of New Acropolis Toulouse frequently carry out on Sundays mornings cleaning actions in the banks of the river.

These activities are open to the public and at the last meeting which included nearly two hours of cleaning and about 400 liters of waste collected, an informative meeting was held. For the team of volunteers, in addition to the satisfaction of the work accomplished, it is a joy to invest energy in a useful action for nature and for others.

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