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The Organization New Acropolis of Criciúma (Santa Catalina, Brazil) celebrated Environment Week with a public activity in the Nereu Ramos Square, and distributed to participants stems of aromatic, medicinal and ornamental plants. An interactive clothesline of good environmental practices was also present, as a way to promote more conscious behaviors in people.

In this way, New Acropolis intended to promote among participants, by means of Philosophy in the classic manner, that nature deserves care, not only for the preservation of its resources, but by the fact that nature is life and any kind of life deserves respect. In this way, New Acropolis joined World Environment Day promoted by the United Nations on June 5th, whereby all people must pay attention to the importance of the conservation of natural resources and to the planet in general.

2015 Criciúma Brasil-S Medio Ambiente1 2015 Criciúma Brasil-S Medio Ambiente2 2015 Criciúma Brasil-S Medio Ambiente3

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OINACOS / 7 - 23 DYoung volunteers from New Acropolis Costa Rica organized a series of enjoyable activities for guests of the San Blas de Nicoya nursing home. They also served them healthy snacks.

OINACOS / 7 - 23 C


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Does the path to true happiness lie within us and our attitude towards the world? The ancient philosopher Epictetus said: “It is not up to you whether you will be rich, but it is up to you whether you will be happy.” Following the introductory presentation entitled ‘In search of happiness’, New Acropolis in Zagreb organized a philosophical discussion on happiness which tried to answer questions such as: Is there room for happiness today? Do we know where to look for and how to keep happiness?

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Cleaning-up-seoul4Volunteers from the New Acropolis Center in Seoul in cooperation with the local municipality, participated in a cleanup event. The volunteers worked intensively cleaning the environment and nurturing values such as awareness, fraternity, responsibility and the simple happiness of those who know how to share their generosity.


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Actiune socio-umanitara

New Acropolis volunteers paid another visit to the School for hard of hearing children in Bucharest.
They presented a theatrical adaptation of the myth of Theseus and Ariadne using, to help overcome communication barriers,  particularly suggestive and dynamic decorations and styles of acting, especially in presenting the labyrinth fight between our hero and the Minotaur.

To maintain the spirit of the story, after the play the children were engaged in activities with various types of labyrinths, which were quickly solved with the help of the participants’ inherent abilities and imagination.

The children in turn taught volunteers how to use sign language to communicate their names. At the end of the encounter the children received candy and fruits and the volunteers left with very enriching experiences!




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Chica con instrumento en Philo Slam MunichNew Acropolis Munich organized for the third time a ‘Philo-Slam’, a session of improvised philosophy.
Contestants spoke of their dreams, usually about a better world, in ways both philosophical and artistic.

Ganadores del Philo Slam Munich

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ethelontismos-giorth-ethelontismou-(7)Volunteering is a life full of intensity and rhythm!

Through their participation and motto for action 40 voluntary organizations with hundreds of volunteers made a difference by carrying out for the 13th consecutive year the Open Fair on Volunteerism and selfless giving, at the pedestrian zone of Apostolou Pavlou, Thissio (downtown Athens).

ethelontismos-giorth-ethelontismou (24)

During a full day the fair opened its doors to the world and invited all citizens to volunteer, to offer their collaboration to the world and to live actively in the world. There was also time for dancing, street theater and interactive games.



ethelontismos-giorth-ethelontismou-(15)The open Fair was organized by: New Acropolis, PRAKSIS, AIESEC, AEGEE Athens EKPIZO EDRA, European Expression, Pan-Hellenic Union of Adapted Activities «ALMA». Other Organizations such as UNICEF, Hellenic Red Cross, Flame, Doctors of the World, Doctors Without Borders, Life Center, GREEN PEACE, Pediatric Trauma, were just some of the local and international participants.

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