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Sócrates nueva acropolis zaragozaNew Acropolis Zaragoza continued with the philosophical trilogy in commemoration of World Philosophy Day, and in this second encounter accomplished this with Plato and Love in the Banquet.

Once more we approach a subject that we love, in the hands of a great Spanish philosopher who has dedicated more than 30 years to the teaching of philosophy in its more practical and vital sense.

Thanks to his words and those of Socrates we brushed against the essence of love in the presence of Diotima who accompanies the great Socrates to explain the secrets of Love. Poros and Penia have left us with Eros, always beautiful and searching for what is missing. You are all invited to read or reread this wonderful book entitled The Banquet. Cheers!

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Fernão Capelo Gaivota is a 1973 film directed by Hall Bartlett, adaptated from the novel by Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, 1970).
The story focuses on a gull named Fernão, who one day decides that flying is more than just a way to move from one place to another. The story is about Fernão’s fascination with the stunts he can do, and the changes in his seagull clan group. It is a story about freedom, learning and love.

The objective of this talk-discussion activity was to discuss the different keys of interpretation that the movie proposes, as when Fernão becomes frustrated with materialism, his sense of duty and the limitations of the life of a seagull. The talk highlighted the importance of being true to oneself and to one’s ideals and how to be authentic in our times.

2014 Taubaté Brasil-S Diálogo_Película


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entrevista_revista_justo_medio_redThe Peruvian magazine ‘Justo Medio’ published an interview conducted with Professor Beatriz Diez Canseco, director of New Acropolis in this country, entitled ‘The world needs more philosophy’, on the occasion of World Philosophy Day.

In this interview, Prof. Diez Canseco explained how philosophy can generate greater awareness about oneself and the needs of the environment, thus becoming an important engine of actions for the good of society.

“The thousands of young people who participate in our School of Philosophy in more than 50 countries succeed in widening their vision of life and of themselves, analyzing the problems of society with a pro-active approach, developing tolerance toward different cultures, fostering their values and learning to generate positive changes in themselves and their environment. By expanding their awareness, they are naturally inclined to develop various volunteer actions to benefit the education, culture, health, environment and quality of life of the people in the place in which they are… and they do so with great joy. This shows us that philosophy is not only a contemplative attitude, but that it is an engine of actions toward the improvement of society”, explained Beatriz Diez Canseco.

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IMG_0228DSC_0447  IMG_04792IMG_0241

As part of the International Volunteer Program, during the month of December, volunteers from New Acropolis Peru developed a national campaign that brought joy and gifts to 3520 children and the elderly having scarce resources in more than 20 cities of Peru.

Within the framework of the Christmas celebrations, volunteers carried out various activities including games and children’s shows that made both adults and children dance, while ‘Santa Claus’ distributed toys. They also donated clothing and hygiene items, as well as shared traditional chocolate.

With the affection and warmth of all the volunteers we got closer to each of the people, gathering their experiences and sharing with them the spirit of Christmas. Many thanks to all those who made possible this work of love!

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phoenix 3phoenix2Philosophical issues and events are the focus of the newly opened Phoenix Center in Graz. The multifunctional event center is run by several associations under the coordination of New Acropolis.

During the day, the Phoenix Cafe offers culinary delights and provides a wide range of magazines and information on philosophical topics.

In the evening, the Phoenix Center is a place for courses and events on the topics of philosophy, culture and volunteering.

Over 200 visitors attended the opening ceremony with live music, an art exhibition with illustrations by the artist Albert Mesner and homemade culinary delights!



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OINABN 2014 dia filosofia 5

Sede Central – Brasília

World Philosophy Day was commemorated in all venues of New Acropolis in Brazil under the theme:  ‘philosophy in human education – how do values transform the world?’.

The program of activities included different lectures, symposia, artistic performances, and an exhibition entitled From the cave to the light of day, which reflected the different ways of understanding education, from the ancient philosophical traditions of East and West, to our current way of seeing it. and what have been the solutions proposed by these schools of philosophy to address human problems.

OINABN 2014 dia filosofia 1

Sede Central – Brasília

Filial Natal

Filial Natal


Filial Natal – entrevista

Filial Fortaleza

Filial Fortaleza

OINABN 2014 dia filosofia 7

Filial Goiânia


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New Acropolis Israel commemorated World Philosophy Day, for the third consecutive year, with a photographic exhibition, whose theme was ‘Touching the light’. 145 people participated, including 50 exhibitors.

Why photography? Because there is a similarity between photography and philosophy, a similarity in dealing with light and shadow, the perceptible and the invisible, the search for beauty and truth. Asking the questions: Is it the truth? Or is it just what we are able to understand? The photographer, and the philosopher, are both people who see. The photographer sees the world as drawn in light and recognizes the beauty that exists. The philosopher is the one who sees the essential best, hidden everywhere.

The exhibitors shared their journey of life, between light and shadow. This was a wonderful opportunity to ‘touch the light’, and experience philosophy as a relevant tool in our daily life.


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