Earth Day Volunteering (León, Mexico)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Leon shared with 900 students and 60 teachers a series of activities on the occasion of Earth Day. Different talks were given on: water footprint, plant […]

International Earth Day (Montevideo, Uruguay)

In commemoration of International Mother Earth Day, we carried out different activities: three online talks on the environment; a special day in the wetlands where we shared different talks on […]

Mother Earth Day in Chelyabinsk

Mother Earth Day (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

How can we help our planet? There is a wonderful motto: “Think globally, act locally”. In order to learn how to think globally, we decided to play an game called […]

Results of the park cleaning in Saint-Petersburg

Mother Earth Day (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Volunteers from New Acropolis of Saint-Petersburg held a series of events with a new look at the Nature and celebrate the International Mother Earth Day. As part of the events, […]

Earth Day Fest (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis Chicago hosted people from the community to celebrate earth day with two activities: A lecture about the things that a tree can teach us and a hands-on workshop […]

Earth day (Belgrade, Serbia)

Earth day has gathered New Acropolis volunteers in various activities. We began the celebration of this important day with a public lecture “Gaia (gr. Gaea) – The Living Planet Earth”, […]

New Acropolis dances the Earth! (France)

Every year, the International Organization New Acropolis (OINA) mobilizes on April 22nd for “Earth Day”, a world day decreed by the United Nations (UN) since 1970. In 2022, this day […]