To avoid the collapse (Budapest, Hungary)

  New Acropolis organized a talk on the most important ecological hazards currently threatening humanity. The presenter, a university professor, outlined and illustrated with examples the scale of the changes […]

Lake cleaning on Earth Day (Győr, Hungary)

The Győr Centre of New Acropolis centered its Earth Day campaign on the cleaning of the banks of a Gorkij lake. In the Gorkijváros district the volunteers covered an area […]

Relief assistance (Szeged, Hungary)

Throughout the country various initiatives are being organized to help the refugees. Individuals and civil organizations are contributing with food and other basic necessities. The members of New Acropolis Szeged […]

Renovating a hiking trail in a national park (Hungary)

New Acropolis Hungary, in cooperation with the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate, renovated the Strázsa Hill hiking trail near Esztergom. Nearly hundred volunteers took part in the work over four weekends. […]

Field trip to Carnuntum (Hungary)

Field trip to Carnuntum (Hungary)

Members of New Acropolis organized a trip to Carnuntum (now Bad Deustch-Altenburg and Petronell in Austria), once part of the Roman Empire. A group of thirty-five people visited the site […]